digital transformation

Business Innovators


Leading Edge Technologies

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain​

AI and Data Analytics

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain​

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Robotics and IoT

5G and Everything as a Service

Voice and Natural Language Interface


Innovation Strategy

Revenue generation
  • Growth of existing revenue streams
  • Development of new revenue streams
Operational efficiency
  • Scale and leverage
  • Resiliency
  • Effectiveness and streamlined workflows
Customer experience
  • Customer acquisition
  • Service
  • Knowledge and intimacy
  • Stickiness
Experimentation and learning

• How will measure outcomes?
• What are key decision points?
How will we measure and monitor risks?
• How will we build in and test resiliency?
• How much resource will we allocate and over what time Shorizon?

Considerations with New Technologies

Think about use cases And how Technologies and Technology Initiatives support Business goals

Evaluate those use Cases and don’t be Afraid to pull the Plug on initiatives That are not Beneficial or Impactful

Start small and Learn – and evaluate Often

Consider feedback loops

Remember education And skills training in Support of new Technologies and Approaches

Think about time Horizons to realize Benefits – how long Will it take? What Can we observe Along the way?

Building Blocks and Enabling Capabilities

Flexible and open architecture

Data Strategy

Agile Funding Model

Multidisciplinary Approach

Skills match

Moving Forward...

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